Success Is Not One Size Fits All


On this journey, I’ve come to realize that success is not a one size fits all. The expression “different strokes for different folks” is the theme for this ride. Some people would much rather work for little to spend time with their families, while others would much rather work 60-80 hours each week and afford luxury vacations and have an office on the 20th floor surrounded by large windows. Do we all want luxury, travel, and lots of money? Are we choosing to settle for mediocre or are we truly satisfied with spending time with the kiddos entertaining their expansive imaginations?

Being born and raised in a small town in Alabama, I used to have starry eyes. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to live here. There was nothing to do and everything that was fun was a 20-30 minute drive out of town. How could I have been born here? There was not much entertainment, even in the city. And every other place seemed to be where the party was.

As I grew older, graduated college, and had a child, I began to see that most people, no matter where you lived, went to work, took care of the kids, and vacationed depending on their financial situations. I saw that some were happy or at least content with doing this while others wished and hoped to hit the lottery. Some complained while others had at least some level of contentment. What is your level of success?

I know that in my twenty-something years of living, success for me, is for me. Success is exactly what one wants it to be for them. No one can judge another person’s idea of success. Everyone enjoys and is good at doing totally different things. I feel that we all should live what’s in us Unapologetically, without explanation, and immediately!

Success for me looks like me firstly being an entrepreneur. Having a business where I make enough money to pay the bills, take at least 5 vacations each year, give my daughter a great education, and buy nice luxuries. I figure that I would be happy earning $500,00 Р$1 million each year. (As said with a quirky smile while rubbing my hands together). This is my measure of success. I love to travel, buy nice quality items, and feel as though I gave my daughter every opportunity that was presented.

Here are my rules for being successful:

Rule #1: Live your life unapologetically!

To hell with the judgement! This life is a gift and fragile. Live it like you see fit!

Rule #2: Live without explanation!

You don’t have to explain yourself to no one. This is your shit!

Rule #3: Live right now!

There is not time to waste. Decide to do you right now!

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