I’ve Learned It’s All In the Journey


Do you have a big goal for your life? Something that if you accomplished would be all you would ever want? Well goals are short term accomplishments. Once achieved, then what else is there? I’ve learned that it is not in accomplishing goals be it a short term goal, 6 months, or a long term goal, 6 years. Life is about the journey. We all have to have something that is constantly requiring us to be patient, strong, and better. Something that is testing our beliefs, morals, and values.


My goal is to be an entrepreneur. I’ve decided that I want to work for myself and be the leader that I was destined to be. I used to feel that once I became an entrepreneur, I would never have to worry about money, my daughter’s education, or traveling when I wanted. But I realized that once I had all of those things, would that truly be all that I wanted? Would all of my problems be over? Would I no longer struggle with anything for life? Wrong!!


There is first the struggle, the work, and theĀ setbacksĀ to reach your success, your goals, or your destiny. Having to learn what it takes in itself to build a business takes massive work. You have to make the mistakes and learn from them. Then you fail and learn from it. You endure all of the struggles and finally, your golden egg, your baby that you built from the ground up. Your dream realized. But in all of that building, you become someone else. Someone a bit different. Because the journey to your success has required you to change just to become successful.


What about maintaining the success? No one talks about what happens after you have arrive at your goals. There are old expressions that go “Once you make the money, you must learn to keep the money” and “Once you go up, you must come down.” So success must look like a roller coaster with ups, downs, and twists (the picture below). Because in this life we will always be looking for the next thing, trying to maintain what we have, or working toward more for ourselves. We never arrive. We never reach perfection. Because life is about the journey. I’ve learned it’s all about the journey.


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