Do What Makes You Happy

I know we have all heard the expression “Do what makes you happy.” A lot of us write it off thinking that we have to be rich to do what makes us happy, or that we have to have total freedom to do what makes us happy. I’ve learned on my journey to success, that you don’t have to be rich and you don’t have to have a whole 24 hours in a day to do the things that make you happy, you actually just have to start.

There is a town not far from where I live (about 45 minutes) that I often enjoy visiting because it reminds me of the life that I want to live. It’s close to the water (beach and piers), it’s a clean and laid back area, and it’s also very family oriented. I often see nice homes in quiet and clean neighborhoods, luxury cars, boats, and some designer bags. Now before the judgment sets in, let it be known that I want to live a luxurious lifestyle because I feel that it is all of our birthrights. I want to live in peace and enjoy doing all of the things that I love.

I have come to see that this place is my happy place because it puts me in the mindset to see and have the things that I desire the most.┬áVisiting this place is something that makes me happy and it only costs me gas money, in which I gladly pay. Often times I’m motivated to work harder on my goals and dreams because I am able to clearly see what I’m working toward. It only takes getting clear on what you want and what makes you happy.










The more we began to do the things that make us happy, the more fulfilled and happy lives we will be able to live. Doing those things that make you happy are not far fetched and some don’t cost as much as you think. You can start by taking a walk on the beach, if that’s what you enjoy. In the picture above, I choose to exercise in this town one morning. I walked for 45 minutes next to the bay because it’s what made me happy. I felt so much gratitude and happiness when I was out exercising. This was the moment that I understood the expression “Do what makes you happy.” You can also put back a few extra dollars to treat yourself to your favorite restaurant, or go on a mini vacation for a week-end. Once you began to enjoy yourself, there tends to be a ripple effect. You will began to be inspired to do more and more of what makes you happy leading you on a path to fulfillment!

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