Believe Your Own Hype


If you go to your Social media pages, you will see so many people all doing similar things. There will be a butt pose, a montage of vacation photos, a killer body, or someone with designer clothes from head to toe. While everyone is entitled to be and do what they feel, it all seems to be monkey see, monkey do. I see so many people all doing things only because they see others doing them. If ass poses and 100 vacation photos are your thing, then go for it, but nothing is as satisfying than doing what feels good to you. Believe in your own hype.


Don’t Believe Their Hype

With technology making us all connected, there appears to be a need for more attention. Everyone wants to post all day long about what their doing all the time, which in most cases is partying and flying around the world. I know, what a great life, right? This creates a false perception of reality. In reality, no one that we see on any social media platform is happy all the time. No one is partying all the time. And everyone endures struggles sometimes. Seeing these lifestyles constantly being flashed in our faces makes some chase a unrealistic lifestyle that can never be fulfilling because it does not exist.


Believe Your Own Hype

It’s so important, especially in the age of technology where everywhere except for where you are is a party, to believe in your own hype. To do the thing that suites you. I know your life may seem dreadfully boring and uninteresting in comparison, but if that works for you, then you have won. The outside world can make you feel as though something is wrong with you if you decide to have morals, goals, and an ideology that works for you and your family. I say “Fuck them” because self fulfillment is the winning formula for this thing.

Always believe that you are a shining star no matter how dim you light may get at times. We all mess up, struggle, and fall short more often than not. Even when we make mistakes it is so important to remember that we are who we are and who we are is fucking amazing. Never allow someone to tell you your not the best thing since social media just because your ass is not hanging out in a photo, because you don’t have a six pack that is oiled to the Gods, and because you haven’t been on vacation yet. Believe you are “the shit” regardless. Believe in your own hype.

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