5 Tips To Save More Money

We all want to live debt free. We want to have more money to live more comfortable lives and buy and do more when we would like to. Well I’m going to give you some tips to save more money and live more comfortable lives.

Tip #1 Try to make more money/Create more value for yourself

When I began to save money, I was only able to save a small portion of my check per month because I didn’t make as much money. I saved what I could and I started where I was. I later learned after I starting my new job that I saved a lot more because I made a lot more. The key is to make yourself more valuable by becoming more competent, fluent, and knowledgable, and earning higher wages. Honestly, you can only go so far earning a small income. Whenever your able to increase your value and earn more money will you then be able to save more.

Tip #2 Eat out less/Make your own meals

I know you have probably heard that you save more money when you eat out less. Simple logic right? Well it is true that you do add to your savings when you eat out less and prepare your own meals. Preparing your own lunch daily could save you $5-$10 per day which means $25-$50 per week which adds to your bottom line of $100-$200 per month. Enough said! Side note, preparing your own meals is also a much healthier choice because you know exactly what your eating and it’s prepared with love! Sigh

Tip #3 Pay off Debt

When you have less money going out, this means more money in your pocket. Paying off debt quickly is one of the best ways to achieve more money in your pocket. Creating a pay off plan to eliminate this debt is the best call of action. It equals more money in the bank!

Tip #4 ┬áCut out services that you don’t need

In today’s society there are many services offered that are so appealing. Those services costs us small portions each month that actually add up to significant payments when combined. This is an area that I had to look at and decide if having this service was adding any real value to my life. If the service was not providing value or if I hardly ever used the service, I cut it!

Tip #5 Pay yourself first

This perhaps is the most important and should probably be the first tip. Paying yourself first means your putting money back for your savings before you pay any bills and spend any money for any reason. You will begin to build those savings muscles and develop a money mindset when you pay yourself first. I’ve learned from the book, The Richest man in Babylon,” that “A portion of all I earn is mine to keep.” This has proven to be very true for me. And has been the contributing factor for my success in building a great savings account and becoming debt free.

These tips are contributing factors to my success. I have implemented each tip in my own life and it has totally created a money consciousness for me and developed my financial mindset. Give these tips a go and leave a comment on how these tips worked for you.


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